Tuesday, 19 June 2012Which Photos To Choose For Your Wedding Photography Album

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"I love designing wedding albums, for me it’s just as creative as the day itself”

Just one little problem; You have so many amazing wedding photographs, you just cant make up your mind which one’s to choose for your wedding album.

Tip 1) Think of you wedding album as a storybook, telling your  wonderful day from start to finish.

Tip 2) Choose your photographs in groups. i.e. the bride, the groom, the bride arriving, the ceremony, the confetti photograph, the groups, the Romantic bride and groom photographs and so on.

Tip 3) Start by choosing your favorite photographs of the bride, shoes and accessories, this will make up the first couple of pages on your wedding album.

Tip 4) Then choose your favorite groom photos, photographs of the church or venue, this will make up the third and fourth pages of your album.

Tip 5) If you wedding photographer has given you a DVD containing your wedding photographs print out your chosen images and lay them on the floor in groups.

Tip 6) Now take a second look to see if you think the photographs will look good together, if not choose alternatives.

Tip 7) If your still having problems talk to your wedding photographer for advice and ask to see some more of his/her wedding albums.

Tip 8) After your photographer has designed your album around the images you have chosen ask for a PDF of each page design to make sure your happy with the results before it goes to print.

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