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Wedding photography essential planning

Tips on how to effectively plan your wedding photography

  • Listen to your wedding clients and ascertain what style of photography they want
  • Check out the church/venue and speak to the vicar/priest/wedding organiser to find out what the schedule is for the day
  • Plan your photography around their schedule and send a copy to your wedding clients
  • Check out the grounds of the church/wedding reception venue for ideas and best photo opportunities
  • Use your imagination> Check out the near surrounding areas for unusual and interesting places to take the bride and groom away from the crowd
  • What if the weather's bad? Find out where you can take photographs inside the wedding reception venue, check the available lighting and if you are allowed to use flash in the church.
  • Speak to the vicar/priest or registrar and ask what they will allow you to photograph/ if or when you will be able to move around during the ceremony.
  • Be patient and engage with your clients their family and friends, if they like you and feel at ease they are more likely to cooperate with your photography schedule
  • Give your clients time to greet their guests, but don’t let them linger to long as you have your schedule to stick to. Gently coax them for the next set of photographs

Get snapping

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