Monday, 30 April 2012The Photographer Calls Time

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Don"t leave your wedding guest waiting for hours:

Many couples don't want their wedding photographer to take hours and hours shooting their wedding. I mentioned in the last blog about careful planning before the day of the shoot. It is just as important to plan a wedding photography list to maintain an organised wedding shoot which is not to lengthy. 

Don't get in my face:

Most couples want their photographer to blend into the background and produce a good range of candid shots. However, explain to your wedding clients that you can do this but, some staged photography is necessary. For example, when shooting the bridal party, group shots and the bride and groom. 

Make sure you visit the venue before the big day:


It's essential to have chosen the best locations to shoot and thought about how your subjects can be enhanced by the available surroundings. This saves time on the big day.

Be prepared:

It’s always an advantage to have a photographer’s assistant. I find by placing my assistant to one side or at the back of the couple we can capture many more natural shots to produce a good combination of interesting, creative, romantic and candid shots.

Adding a sense of fun:

Always look for a chance to do something a little different: I love to have a bit of fun with the bride and groom/guest and sometime get them to do a few silly things. This helps to create a sense of fun in the photographs and helps everyone relax.

Good luck with your wedding photography

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