Tuesday, 08 May 2012How to choose a wedding photographer

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1) Ask your wedding photography what style he/she has.

A good professional wedding photographer should offer reportage, staged, fun and creative photography to give you a good combination of memorable wedding photographs. Ask to see recent weddings they have shot to help you decide

2) Does your photographer shoot the fine details?

You’ve spent loads of time and effort in all the fine details, flowers in the church, the table setting, guest list, your shoes, bouquet and much more. Your photographer should include this as part of your package after all you want to capture all the important memories of your day.

3) Is your wedding photographer happy to set up and shoot any photo ideas you may have.?

Some photographers will gladly do this for you. However, some will not. At the end of the day, your photographer should be happy to accommodate your wishes.

4) Do you gel with your photographer?

Its essential that you get on with your wedding photographer and feel confident that you have a good rapport with him/her. It really does make a difference to your wedding photography images as they will be more relaxed and natural.

5) What do you get in your wedding package?

Most photographers have a good range of packages to choose from, make sure you know what your are getting before you sign the contract. Some photographers will design a bespoke package for you. This is the ideal if you cant find what your looking for in any of their set packages. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want.

6) Are high-resolution images included in the package?

If you want to have the freedom of printing out and sharing images as often as you want, then this is an important factor. Some photographers will not offer this and will charge per image. This option can often work out to be a lot more costly.

Have a great wedding day

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