Friday, 29 June 2012Is Your Business Image Important? 10 tips on how to create professional portraits

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Your personal image, the perception that people have about you, affects your success in every aspect of life - your life on the job, your social life, even your love life!

It's true because, no matter who you are or what you do, your success depends on what other people think about you - the image they have of you.

Your personal image has a number of elements. The way you dress, the colors you choose, the way you talk and the way you relate to others are some of the more important ones.

Follow my commercial photography tips on how to take professional social media/business portraits

1: Enlist a friend:

Get a good friend to practice the following tips with you.

2: Clothing:

Choose clothing that boosts your confidence, flatters your skin colour and goes well with your business brand.

3: Hair and/or make-up:

Don’t over do the make-up, people want to recognise you when they meet you face to face. Make sure your hair is well groomed.

4: Your best smile:

Practice your smile in the mirror.

5: Posing:

Turn your body slightly to the side, but face straight into the camera lens. Practice posing in the mirror until your happy with the way you look.

6: Indoors or outside: 

For best results position yourself in a shady spot outdoors. Aim for even light conditions, no direct sunlight, and no dappled shade.

7: Flash settings:

Turn the flash settings OFF. Flash can leave an unattractive harsh shadow behind your head and make your face look washed out

8: Camera positioning:

Make sure the person taking the photograph is positioned slightly above you; this will give a more flattering portrait and will eliminate a double chin.

9: See the results: Download onto your computer and have a quick look at the results, if your not happy have another try

10: Brand identity:

Yes you are part of your business brand: Use the same image on all your business social media sites.

Hope my commercial photography tips helped you 


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